About SS+K Labs


Labs Cohorts (left to right): Craig von Wiederhold, John Swartz, Kevin Skobac, Scott Park

Our in-house incubator of new and creative technologies, Labs was created to keep SS+K at the forefront of innovation in the digital and social space.

SS+K Labs explores uncharted territory in the context of real-world projects, both for ourselves and select clients. We experiment with nascent platforms, interactions, and technologies, striving to create novel, intuitive and fun interactive experiences which we often integrate into SS+K’s larger client campaigns.

Labs products include Vineviewer, a Vine search engine that has been used over a million times, and Moving Through Glass, a Google Glass application which augments the minute-to-minute lives of persons living with Parkinson’s disease.

The team includes co-founders John Swartz and Kevin Skobac, Craig von Wiederhold, and Scott Park, who also leads the development team at Firefall Pro.